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The Anatomy of our New Site

Designer Saundra Marcel's first sketches played with ideas of arithmetic.

Designer Saundra Marcel’s first sketches played with ideas of arithmetic.

Following the launch of our new web site last month, we’re excited to keep friends of Superscript up to date with news about our projects—and also a lot of great information and discussions about compelling things happening in the design world!

As an introduction to this platform, we’ve prepared a sort of “anatomy lesson” about our site with designer Saundra Marcel, creative director of the New York office of Real Art, and developer Craig Coffman, founder of Octoberland. Read on to learn about the process and find out what the site has in store for you:

Ready, set, go!
With Superscript’s original mission of “multiplying conversations about design” in mind, Saundra’s ideas for the new site showed a range of possibilities, including concepts that played with mathematical ideas of multiplication and an infinite loop that would offer users a different experience each time they visited.

Biggest surprise
“That Superscript loves color,” says Saundra. “Many clients are afraid of being too bold, but Superscript asked for it. It’s a core part of their identity. The company has a super fun side to them that complements their sometimes serious, very ‘thinky’ work product.”


A color-coded guide to our work.

Because Superscript specializes in words—written and verbal—they are a big part of the site. People traditionally don’t love to read a lot on websites, so big headline styles, beefy color bars, and a vertical scroll (down, down, down), which feels like reading a news or blog article, are all ways to let you read as much as you want, but also make the site easily skim-able. Still even more content is waiting to be discovered in pop-ups, or “easter eggs,” as Saundra likes to say, if you want to dive deeper.

Design minds think alike
“Superscript was a perfect client because they understand design and thinking conceptually, but they are not a design firm,” says Saundra. So we’re not stepping on each other’s toes, but they liked and were open to lots of ideas.”


A continuous scroll lets you see everything at a glance.

What we do is sometimes hard to explain in one sound bite. Rather than use a term like “communications,” which implies public relations-type work, we identified five core things that encompass our practice—these feature boldly at the top of the site. This new visual system of icons will be used on other Superscript materials, too.

As a firm that primarily works with the written word, we didn’t want to lean too heavily on images. The system of icons and simple, bold graphics—underlines, outlines, bars, chunky arrows—keep things visually interesting and playful without using many photos.

Going with the flow
Opting for a continuously scrolling format “is a clearly modern enhancement,” says Craig. “That, however, was not the main factor behind implementing it. I opted to include the feature because it mimics the flow of the site. Essentially the main page is all someone would really need. Yes, there are links from it to the limited other pages, but it is essentially a one-page design. It felt natural that the News blog would behave in a similar fashion.”

Craig integrated the new site’s header into WordPress to prevent the News section of the site from feeling like an afterthought—it is a natural part of the site, while still offering the power and flexibility afforded by a blogging platform.

Superscript on the go!

Superscript on the go!

Mobile by nature
The site was also created with Responsive Web Design (RWD). More than simply a trend, RWD is a forward-thinking technique to allow the content to display well regardless of the screen. The site will reflow on a many different mobile devices, taking advantage of the different screen sizes used by Superscript’s out-and-about audience.

We look forward to seeing you here again soon!