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PRESS RELEASE: First Look at Towards A New Avant-Garde, an event and installation at the Venice Biennale

Anna Kealey
Images: http://goo.gl/G8OeXx
Photo credit: DEVspace

Towards a New Avant-Garde:
At the 2014 Venice Biennale, an event and installation bring together the newest generation of Italian architects to debate issues of identity, collaboration, and economics.

Venice, Italy, June 2014 – Towards a New Avant-Garde, a three-part conversation series during the opening weekend of the 14th International Architecture Exhibition— La Biennale di Venezia, brings together a new generation of Italian and international architects, confronting their motivations and work with the legacy of the radical architecture movement of the 60s and 70s. The series, taking place on Sunday, June 8, is complemented by a live-edited installation that reflects both the conversation on site and one happening simultaneously online. Produced by the New York-based consultancy Superscript, the discussions will feature a group of talented and thought-provoking young architects, bringing them face to face with practitioners from an older generation and an international group of critics and provocateurs.

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Superscript Headed to 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale


We are excited to announce Superscript’s participation in the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale! Directed by Rem Koolhaas with the theme of “Fundamentals,” this year’s Biennale also includes a roster of programming called “Weekend Specials.”  As part of this commissioned series, our three-part event Towards a New Avant-Garde will take place during the Biennale’s opening weekend, June 7-8.

Towards a New Avant-Garde will be under the umbrella of the “Monditalia” section of the Biennale housed in the Arsenale—an exhibition complemented by a series lectures, workshops, performances and discussions organized to consider a range of conditions in Italy, from architecture to politics to religion.

Using the state of Italian architectural practice as a jumping off point, our back-to-back moderated discussions will debate issues of collective action, internationalization, and economics in architecture now and in the future. Our goal is understand lessons we can still learn from the radical architectural impulses of the 1960s and consider how they are being applied by a new generation of architects in the context of today’s economic and political environment.

Working with Superscript to develop Towards a New Avant-Garde are London-based author and scholar Catharine Rossi and Milan-based researcher and writer Rossella Ferorelli. Specially invited guests and provocateurs (including young Italian architects who graduated from the country’s four major schools of architecture) as well as the audience will be invited to participate in these lively, content-generating events in the main Arsenale building. 

A live-edited installation and a website, created by architects DEVspace and interactive designer Thibault Brevet, will reflect the dynamics of the discourse and act as physical and virtual platforms to both document and amplify the conversations in conjunction with other media, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. After the talks are over, the products of these discussions will become an experimental publication, which will be produced on site during the following week.

The 2014 Biennale runs from June 7 through November 23. See you there, or sign up on our mailing list to learn how to participate in our event virtually!