Please Join Us May 1 for ADBC #6: The Power Broker with Julie Iovine


We hope to see you for the sixth meeting of ADBC, the Architecture and Design Book Club, with our special guest, Wall Street Journal columnist Julie Iovine.

Thursday, May 1, 6:30pm
HMA2 Studio, 1239 Broadway between 30th and 31st Sts, 16th Fl. PH
6:30pm Introduction
6:45-7:30pm Discussion, Q&A
7:30pm Drinks reception

“For once Moses came into possession of power, it began to perform its harsh alchemy on his character, altering its contours, eating away at some traits, allowing others to enlarge. The potential had always been there, like a darker shadow on the edge of the bright gold of his idealism. With each small increase in the amount of power he possessed, the dark element in his nature loomed larger.” Robert Caro, The Power Broker

On Thursday, May 1 at 6:30pm join Superscript and architecture writer and critic Julie Iovine for a discussion of The Power Broker by Robert Caro (1974), an epic account of the rise and fall of Robert Moses, the man who forged the cityscape of modern New York City.

The first in Superscript’s 2014 readings on the theme of “Power,” we’ll talk about Moses’ monumental public works and his growing influence over the decades, as well as draw comparisons with how the city is shaped by the power brokers of today.

Haven’t read all three inches of TPB cover to cover? Don’t worry! The discussion will focus on the following chapters:

(Part IV: The Use of Power)
13: Driving
14: Changing
(Part VI: The Lust for Power)
29: “And When the Last Law Was Down…”
30: Revenge
40: Point of No Return

Pick up a copy of the book at The Strand or at your branch of the New York Public Library. Or, just come to listen in and socialize in HMA2’s penthouse studio with master of the universe views. Special thanks to our event host, Henry Myerberg/HMA2.

About Julie Iovine
Architecture critic, editor and author Julie V. Iovine came to architecture through studying Ancient Greek and hanging out at the Yale Art & Architecture building in New Haven. Iovine spent over a decade as a reporter covering design and architecture for The New York Times, and then served as Executive Editor of the Architect’s Newspaper from 2007 until 2012. Currently, she writes the architecture critic’s column for The Wall Street Journal. She is the author of several books including Michael Graves; Louis Kahn’s Esherick House; and Modern Americana on mid-century regional furniture designers.

About ADBC
Produced by editorial consultancy Superscript, ADBC is a free and public book club. We invite anyone to drop in and join our informal conversations in different venues around the city.
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Collage based on photo by Arnold Newman. New York, 1959.