Gearing up for our event in Venice!


We are truly excited to have a stellar group of special guests for Towards a New Avant-Garde, our a three-part conversation series during the opening weekend of the 14th International Architecture Exhibition— La Biennale di Venezia. Here are the talented young architects, writers, eminent critics, and researchers who will join us this Sunday, June 8:

11 a.m. CET, 8 June 

Focusing on the impact of Italian architecture beyond the country’s borders, the Internationalization discussion will start from the seminal 1972 exhibition “Italy: The New Domestic Landscape” and travel to today, speculating on the influence of the most recent generation of Italian architects beyond the country’s borders. Are Italian architectural ideas still influential in the world today? And for young practitioners—both those who work in Italy, and those who, out of a job in their home country, work in large studios abroad—is the idea of their nation still important?

Brendan Cormier (Volume)
David Neustein (Other Architects)
Shumi Bose (AA)
Roberta Marcaccio (AA)
Martina Muzi (Space caviar, DAE)
Davide Tommaso Ferrando (011+)
Gianpiero Venturini (Itinerant Office)
Alessandra Cianchetta (AWP)
Elisa Cattaneo (LoWlab. Landscape of Weakness)
Giacomo Cantoni,
Pietro Pagliaro,
Teresa Cos
Francesco Marullo (Behemoth)
Angela Gigliotti, Fabio Gigoni (U67 architects)

Collective Action
1 p.m. CET, 8 June

As a new generation of Italian architects self-­organizes, seeking alternatives to the traditional architecture system, the Collective Action discussion will reflect upon how the avant­-gardes of 1968­ to 1976 were motivated by a similar impulse. How does working together today differ from the ways architects collaborated 40 years ago? Is this generation able to make their independent voices heard while they collaborate? How is collaborative practice today breaking out of the silo of architecture, embracing a transversal approach to multiple disciplines, including urbanism, new media, research and political action?

William Menking (Architect’s Newspaper)
Beatriz Colomina (Princeton University)
Ignacio Gonzalez Galan (Princeton University)
Anna Maria Meister Princeton University)
Giulio Masotti (Mammafotogramma)
Dario Tundo (IRA-C)
Nina Artioli (T SPOON)
Luigi Greco (Rudere)
Carlo Venegoni (NEW GENERATIONS)
Silvia Franceschini
Francesca Vannuci
Tamar Shafrir (Space Caviar, DAE)
Lea-Catherine Szacka (Oslo School of Architecture)
Christian Costa (Spazi Docili)

3 p.m. CET, 8 June

Using self-­initiated side projects as a testing ground, many young architects are looking beyond the current economic system and finding alternative approaches, much as the Italian radical architects of a previous generation did. Unlike the attempts of that generation, can an experimental practice become sustainable today, or is economic fragility an essential component of a radical experiment? Relying on state­-sponsored mobility programs and research funded by academia, can this new generation change the system from within? Do the financial models innovated by these young architects give us clues for the future of the profession?

Gianni Pettena
Cesar Reyes Najera (dpr-barcelona)
Marco Ferrari (Studio Folder)
Marco Lampugnani (Snark)
Elisa Poli (Cluster Theory)
Alessandro Martinelli (i2a)
Stefano Schiavo
Alessandro Miti (Ciclostile Architettura)
Iago Borja Carro Patiño (Ergosfera)
Cristina Canto Dominguez (Ergosfera)
Alessandro Cariello (SMALL)
Donatello De Mattia