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Thurs, 5/9 @MAD: On Display #3: Location

In the future…
What functions will a museum building serve? How will museums engage with their location? What new cultural roles will museums claim? Please join us for a conversation with special guests from the fields of architecture, planning, and museology.

On Display
Case study #3: Location
Thursday, May 9, 7:00pm
Museum of Arts and Design
2 Columbus Circle


What can a stool, a room of robots, and Columbus Circle tell us about the future of museums? Superscript + HAO + Neil Donnelly host a series of three public conversations where historical milestones of the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD)—ranging from a design object, to a curated show, to the physical location of MAD itself—serve as starting points for a conversation about the future of museums. The in-gallery discussions, held on Thursday evenings when the museum is free to the public, will be supported by a live-edited, interactive installation on display in the Museum’s second-floor gallery space. Questions, opinions, and findings from this set of events encouraging audience participation will, in turn, evolve into a publication containing critical reflections on the role ahead for museums within an ever-evolving, increasingly digital-bound society. On Display at MAD is part of The Home Front 2013: After the Museum, March 12-June 9, 2013.


Case study #3: Location

In 2008, MAD relocated from a Midtown side street to 2 Columbus Circle. Historically the point from which all distances are measured from New York, Columbus Circle acts as both a magnet and centripetal force in the city, a lively public space where people of all types and generations mix. MAD’s decision to relocate to an emblematic site in New York City raised the museum’s profile overnight, giving it a bold physical presence in the urban fabric and a clear stake in the surrounding public space. How does a museum’s location impact its role as a cultural aggregator and disseminator?

Those attending each event can choose to be listed as contributors in the final On Display publication. The public will also be able to participate in conversations remotely via Twitter: @superscriptco #OnDisplay



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